About Us

About Us

Rayya is an Arabic word meaning “breeze”.

Rayya Wellness emerges as a pioneering concept, a beacon of holistic rejuvenation unlike any other in the region. Far beyond mere therapies, it's a philosophy that reshapes and defines personal revival.

Every experience is an array of tailored well-being, igniting the senses and elevating the essence of your being.​

Inspired by the essence of the region’s age-old culture and traditions.

Enveloped in the very essence of its name, Rayya Wellness offers a journey that is infused with local elements.

Our wellness, fitness, and spa experiences are a fusion of time-honored healing wisdom and cutting-edge technology. Here, the mind, body, and spirit harmonize, rejuvenated by an intricate dance of knowledge, techniques, and elixirs.

Rayya Wellness resonates with the echoes of time-honored culture and traditions.

15 locations, spread across Dubai.

Immerse yourself in transformative experiences, as the symphony of waves sets the rhythm for your rejuvenation.

Rediscover yourself

Journey into a new era of body care and wellness, where every breath, every experience, leads you towards a more invigorated you.